Don’t let others tell you what’s beautiful. Explore, experiment and define what it is to you.

Micro Stories, Anecdotes and Wandering thoughts

Suspension Bridge

Ethan was caught between two sides, his girlfriend and Michelle. He looked out to the valley, past the edge of the river that flowed underneath him. The running water kept trying to grab his ankles. As he teetered in the middle, Jessica refused to move from the edge of the cliff while Michelle urged him…


Experiences change into videos, moments into pictures. Forgotten simplicity. A materialization and control of places, spaces and people. It’s not about what you heard; it’s about what you hear. It’s not about what you’ve seen; it’s about what you see. It’s to be present, to give yourself a moment. Let yourself live and let go.…

A Match or a Maker?

I stared at my phone intently. My thumb rested over the Tinder app for a split second, but I had already made my decision. My thumb was cursed and so were my lungs. I took a hit of my joint and sighed, “Here we go again.” I started swiping left and then right, but got…

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